premium exclusive one-of-a-kind saree. if you do not like the feel of the saree, we would be happy to make a return of it.

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One significant beauty of our initiative is that it's entirely sustainable fashion. We make sure to promote fashion which is only eco friendly and serves social justice. Eco fashion respects our cultural diversity, biological well-being, improved living conditions and helps to produce unique and personalized clothing. Our aim is not to follow fast fashion. But a fashion which takes care of the integrity of both the earth and the ones who value our craftsmanship for creating it.

Saree is a fluid fabric because it's what You make out of it. A piece of saree comes with no structure. No sleeves, no neckline, no shoulder and no waistline. You have the freedom to drape it like the way you want. There's no one rule to carry a Saree. And that in itself is so Liberating...

Drape elegance, Drape a Sundori saree.

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Pure Tussar Saree in Beige by Sundori
Pure Tussar Saree in Beige by Sundori
Pure Tussar Saree in Beige by Sundori
Pure Tussar Silk
SKU 00184
was ₹19,000
Only One
Sundori Madanapalle silk saree in Beige
Sundori Madanapalle silk saree in Beige
Sundori Madanapalle silk saree in Beige
Rare Madanapalle silk saree
SKU 00179
was ₹55,000
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saree polishing service
saree polishing service
saree polishing service
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every saree tells a story. every saree is unique and handcrafted by expert craftsman. using traditional techniques and wonderful creativity.

Manju Bose
Manju saree emporium
Bought soft resham dhakai jamdani in the colour white and pink combination, and it was the most beautiful buy for me. The soft texture of the saree made it easy to wear for many hours straight, and the light weight made it easy to carry it effortlessly. I wore it for wedding ceremony of my friend, and everyone appreciated my look. Thank you for making sustainable fashion, which is so stylish and trendy as well!
T. Datta
kolkata, India

It was an amazing experience with you. Looking forward to buying more

Mahasweta Goswami
Silchar Assam

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Narendra Bose

store owner

The beauty of weaving is ancient, and due to their traditional patronage and years of experience, the practice of weaving in India is passed on to the future generations. The entire process of weaving a single Saree requires enormous practice, patience and precision. The meticulous skills and creativity combined with artistic imagination of the weavers of India can be reflected on each unique piece they create. Our loyalty with the weavers lies with a cause. The purpose of our venture is to save their intricate art from becoming extinct. In order to support their sustenance, it is important that this craftsmanship is carried on by the next generations to come. Each Saree tells a story. Each saree awaits it's turn to look phenomenal once it is draped with love.



Haute couture fashion house in India. 






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